Jeremiah Soup is a growth-oriented painter, illustrator, and maker residing in Minneapolis, MN.

Through painting and more, Jeremiah explores his own presence in a wider social landscape, reflects on a turbulent world, and seeks contemplation on personal past. Jeremiah employs self-appointed symbolism to investigate space, forms within space, the space in-between, and what this all means.

In his illustration, Jeremiah uses figurative art and suggested narratives by intertwining shape, line, and form to create or reinforce specific moods, environments, and ideas within his work. Jeremiah creates with an emphasis on versatility and accessibility.

Clients Include:
Illustoria Magazine, Haybelly Music Festival, Paper Darts Magazine, Midwest Special Services, Michigan United, Hope Roads Counseling, Kajunga Records, and more.

Work Shown:  
Modus Locas-Minneapolis, Rosalux Gallery-Minneapolis, Cedar Cultural Center-Minneapolis, Squirrel Haus Arts-Minneapolis, Loring Red Room-Minneapolis, Conga Latin Bistro-Minneapolis, Temporal Cacti-NYC, Concordia Gallery-St. Paul, 22 North Gallery-Ypsilanti, Cafe Verde-Ann Arbor, MCAD Library Gallery-Minneapolis, Waterbury Building/Ruckus Art Lab- Minneapolis. | 651.757.0837