Jeremiah Soup is a growth-oriented illustrator, painter, and maker residing in Minneapolis. Using figurative art and suggested narratives, Jeremiah intertwines shape, line, and form to create or reinforce specific moods, environments, and ideas within their work.

Jeremiah creates with an emphasis on versatility and accessibility to all humans.

Clients Include:
Illustoria Magazine, Haybelly Music Festival, Paper Darts Magazine, Midwest Special Services, Michigan United, Hope Roads Counseling, Unwelcome Visitors, Confused Brothers, Harakiri, Kajunga Records, Vibe Corp, the Winterm'n, and more.

Work Shown:  
See Say DO-Minneapolis 2018, Rhythm and Soul-Minneapolis 2018, Temporal-Manhattan 2017, CVA Rise-St. Paul 2017, Ypsilanti Zine Festival-Ypsilanti 2017/2016, Introductory Show-Ann Arbor 2016, Exquisite Art-Minneapolis 2014, Ruckus Art Lab-Minneapolis 2014. | 651.757.0837